Queenscliff180 Family Swim Event Partners

Event Branding Creative Direction | durocubrilo.com

With the rejuvenation of the Blue Water Challenge event we sought out and secured generous partnership and expert advice from distinguished brand consultants durocubrilo.com. They have injected an exciting and relevant new name and positioning for the event; 2018 Queenscliff 180 Family Swim. ‘It’s your turn’ offers both a call for new entrants, and likewise, an ownership of the arched swim to those who have been long term participants. This new direction for the event will be followed by a fantastic new vintage logo and look for the brand communications. One that will pay homage to the heritage of the town of Queenscliff itself.
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Event Auditor | progressiveaccounting.com.au

Daniel Hopgood - At Progressive Accounting Solutions, we want to be your trusted advisor. We pride ourselves on our personal relationships with our clients built on trust and loyalty. Our aim is to assist as many small businesses as we can to achieve their financials goals through the provision of modern, efficient and reliable taxation and accounting services.

Michael chambers | mickpik.com

Taking a photo is easy these days with cameras becoming vastly more sophisticated than ever before. To get a great photo is something a little more difficult. So having experience in other fields like Graphic Design, Video production, darkroom technologies and other visual art forms I have a great appreciation of both composition and the technicalities involved. Mostly a good person photo is the conversations that happen before you pick the camera up.