Queenscliff 180 Family Swim Rules

  1. Swimmers must finish with official transponder at finish.
  2. Swimmers shall be responsible for ensuring their ankle transponder is returned at the end of the race to a Queenscliff 180 Family Swim official.
  3. Swimmers must start each event with the required racing cap and number however, swimmers are not required to finish with the official racing cap.
  4. Swimmers who wear wetsuits will be eligible for official placings.
  5. Event officials and medical staff shall have the final authority to remove swimmers from the water during the race if the competitor is deemed to not be fit and able or finish within the time limit of 45 minutes.
  6. Good sportsman-like behaviour is required for all competitors
  7. Race officials have the authority to disqualify competitors for non-sportsman-like behaviour.  
  8. Swimmers must be present at presentation to receive any random prizes